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I have made this little video with a speech of Stoner of Episode 14 “Memory Band” of First Series of Eureka Seven and various part of the Second Series!
I think that the great words of Stoner are perfect also for the World of Eureka Seven AO…

This is the English translation!

“To the riders that await the big waves,
the fact that it existed there told them everything.
Everything is spoken through experience.
They were only able to express
themselves with simple words…
that were already prepared in advance for them.

But,they choose to express themselves with those words,
combines with the deep truths carried
beneath that simplicity of words alone.
What do they speak of? The truth.

However, only the most superficial words are put to use.
people are sure to mock them as
a cheap listin of simple words.
Yet who in the World really knows what truth is?
Using lofty language to describe the phenomena…
that just happened in front of their eyes…
That is exactly what makes that
phenomena into a hyperbole.

A phenomenon is a phenomenon,
nothing more, nothing less.
To speak of a phenomenon, one must
become the phenomenon itself.
However, we are unable to truly
become the phenomenon itself.
The phenomenon exists outside of our realm,
and some phenomena are created from
a place other than where we stand.

That’s right… phenomena occur even
if we are not there to witness them.
But they always leave something
behind to those that witness them.
Whether thet turns out to be injury to the witness,
or material for growth…

Matters not a bit to the waves.”

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